Lovely Green Girl, Bakes

I have always been a baker. My mother instilled this trait in me early on. I can remember standing on the kitchen stool mixing up batches of chocolate chip cookies with my mom and her cream colored kitchen aid. In high school I really began to love baking, I even considered cooking school for a short time. My brothers and dad were always lucky, because it was rare for a week to go by without cupcakes gracing the countertops, and my mom was always short on flour. In college I fell in love with the art of baking Parisian Macarons, and have been perfecting the talent ever since. Recently, my love for baking has given me the opportunity to bake two birthday cakes, one for a second birthday and the other a first birthday. It is so much fun to be able to share these little baked treats with people other than my family. 

The first party was a vintage kitty theme for a darling two year old, Emma.


The second cake was for baby Gwen's first birthday. The colors were neutral, with a fall theme. 

2013-11-03 11.20.28.jpg
2013-11-03 11.20.41.jpg
2013-11-03 11.21.16.jpg

It is so much fun baking for little girl birthday parties. I cannot wait to have my own little ones to plan parties and bake for!