Fresh Bloom's

With Valentines day coming this week, I thought it would be fun to make my own bouquets for the house! Not only is this a more cost effective way to enjoy fresh flowers its a fun afternoon project as well! 

IMG_0143 (2).JPG

You will need:

Fresh greens

Fresh filler flowers such as Baby's Breath

Fresh flowers of your choice, I chose carnations because they are very affordable and last! 

*note* I got all my greens and flowers from the grocery store, they were between $3-4 per package!


Vase or something else to make your arrangement in.

Start by unwrapping all of your flowers from the packaging. Trim all unnecessary growth from the bottom of stems. Next, cut your stems 2-3 inches off the bottom, or more depending on the size of your vase. Start with the greens, placing them into the vase, then add the baby's breath. Once it starts to look full, add your flowers spacing them randomly among the greens. Continue to add more greens/baby's breath and flowers until your achieve your desired fullness. Once everything is in the vase, take a look over it and re-arrange until it looks just right! Fill vase with water and enjoy your fresh blooms all week long! *Lovely Tip: Place your bouquet in the refrigerator over night, and while you are away from the house. It will keep your blooms fresh much longer! Also, spritz them with fresh water once a day and make sure to change the water they are sitting in!